Steward Carandur

The steward of Goodbridge.



Name: Carandur
Race: Altmer
Residence: Summervale Manor
Occupation: Steward of Goodbridge
Origins: Goodbridge, Evergreen Meadows
Age: 58
Birthday: 27th of Morningstar
Birthsign: The Ritual
Weapon/Magic: Destruction magic/flames.
Learned spells: Adept & Novice spells: Flames, Fireball , Fire Rune, Flame Cloak, Weakness to Fire.

Being an Altmer makes him rather tall in comparison to the other villagers of Goodbridge. He has long amber-colored hair, which is neatly groomed and braided. To match it, he has amber eyes and a stubble of the same color. By default is his expression rather stern or arrogant, but once a conversation has started he loosens up. His life in Goodbridge rendered him less eloquent then most Altmer and more susceptible to show and read emotions.


Locals of Goodbridge recognize his family, for they have lived in the village for over 30 years. When outsiders ask questions about his family, he replies with: “My family has been travelling for generations. They saw the most exciting places Nirn has to offer, yet they settled down in Goodbridge to give me all the attention that I needed when I was young. Once I came of age the village was grown attached to me in more ways then imaginable. I did not want to leave and my parents accepted such fate. They left to continue their travels when I reached my thirtieth year. They keep in touch, every two weeks a letter arrives from an unknown destination to let me know how their journeys are, but that’s all really.”

His father, Tarandil was a trained mage due to his period in the Altmeri navy. With his fire magic he managed to sink a fair amount of Maormer pirate ships. This knowledge was passed down on Carandur to defend himself in times of peril, or use it to protect what he loves most. His mother, Merenia, was a collector of odd objects they gathered during their travels. She briefly opened a museum in Goodbridge to display the artifacts they collected. The family was known throughout the settlement and Carandur swore loyalty to Count Vetarnik to rule as the Steward of the village after his campaign to elect himself. Because of the last shift in power (In which Goodbridge remained fairly neutral), Carandur swore loyalty to the current ruling House, House Whitewolf.

Steward Carandur

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