Grandmaster Celebrin Silvermoon

A silver-haired, scarred altmer, donning a silver armor.


A tall and burly altmer, very clearly bred and raised for one purpose, war. Yet to his every action, his every word and the smallest inhale, there lingers an elegance, a natural grace. A grace that can only be explained by his race. Celebrin Silvermoon is a disciplined, trained altmer knight with a love for Tamriel and her people, which one can find hard to see through his seemingly eternal state of emotionless, yet graceful, behaviour.

The left side of Celebrin’s face is heavily scarred, any former facial contours erased by a massive burn mark. Yet it seems to not bother the elf. His hair always seems well groomed and shines in even the smallest speck of light. Yet these two features can easily be ignored should you study his face closely. For within his stonewall of a face, not letting out a drop of emotion should he choose not to, the eyes stand out. His silver eyes glimmer with hope, passion and a buried fury. Almost like a fire burning in his eyes.


Born: 473
Son number: Firstborn, lone son
Homeland: Summerset Isles
Race: Altmer
Culture: Altmer
Liege Lord: Ygrenna Vanderlane (former), Count Everglade (depends on negotiations)
Current Occupation: Lord Commander of the Silver Order
Current Home: The Vanderlane estate
Optional Suffix: N/A

Notable Family:
Caladrin Silvermoon (Father)
Lady Elewyn Silvermoon (mother)
Feledrin the First (Ancestor)
Celebrin the White (Ancestor/Namefather)

Known for

The youngest Lord Commander of the Silver Knights.
Defeated a powerful Lich singlehandedly.
Lead several successful assaults during his time as a participant in the Alliance War.


STR: 13
DEX: 12
CON: 10
INT: 13
WIS: 14
CHA: 7
AWA: 10

Combat Rating: 27 (Master)
HP: 16 (2)
MP: 17 (2 spells)
Sanity: 10
Wealth: 8 (Streets and Roads)

Grandmaster Celebrin Silvermoon

Everglade Bjursan Celebrin