Lady Karly Renthorn

The mother of Sir Tylan


Karly Renthorn is frail and completely unthreatening. The mother of Sir Tylan Renthorn, completely crazy, suspicious, racist and resides at Cragwatch, the small seat of House Renthorn in Everglade. She loves her cat, Scruffles. A lost beauty with a broken mind, she is rumoured to spit in the guests food.

Born: In the good ol’ days.
Daughter number: 6
Homeland: Shornhelm, Rivenspire.
Culture: Breton
Current Occupation: Lady
Current Home: Cragswatch, Cardigran hundred

Notable Family:
Tylan Renthorn; son
Edmar Renthorn; son
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Known for
Being as crazy as they come.


Lady Karly Renthorn

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