Count Osmund Whitewolf

Count Everglade, former Circle Knight.


“There is no feeling so tragic as wishing you had tried harder.”


Born: 2E 564, the 2nd of First Seed.
Son number: 1
Homeland: Gratterland, Glenumbra
Race: Breton
Culture: Breton
Religion: The Eight Divines
Liege Lord: High King Emeric Cumberland
Current Occupation: Count of the county of Everglade.
Current Home: Calais Castle; Evergreen Meadows
Optional Suffix:

Notable Family:
Lady Catherine; mother
Lady Andrea; twin-sister
Sir Godwyn; oldest uncle
Sir Merwyn; youngest uncle
Edwane; younger brother

Known for

Being made a knight
Ventured on the path of Chivalry and succeeded with the tasks asked of him. Home Page
Fought against a Titan and lived through the encounter
Won in a regional joust hosted by Count Deseconis
Once having been a member to the Circle of Knights.
Slew a troll in single combat during a battle.
Successfully lead knightly echelons in several battlefields.


Count Osmund Whitewolf

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