Sir Redmond Falconshield

Knight of Calais court & heir to Skykiss Keep


“I look to sail the seas of legend, yet sailing all starts with building a ship.”


As a descendant of the line of House Falconshield, he posses the usual features that come with his bloodline. Blue eyes with a stern look, black hair neatly cut short and usually a clean shaved chin express the pure discipline Redmond hold in such high regard. Yet lately he seems to be fashioning a large black beard. Rumor say it’s to cover a large scarr on his throat.

His posture is neither that as broad as a Nord nor that slim of a Bosmer. Neither is he as strong that he would beat any Breton in an arm competition with ease, but possess enough strength to get the job done.

His usual outfit would change from time to time. A gambison, plated armor, travel cloak or perhaps even even a ceremonial garb. They have all one thing in common, for they all possess an hint of purple. Which he would mostly and proudly present through his tabbard of House Falconshield


After his second participation in a Cyrodiilic warcampaign, Redmond came back heavily injured and partially crippled. Having lost sight in one eye which he covers with an eyepatch and a cane to help him keep balance. The cane is made out of Ruby Ash painted black, with a silver Falcon on top as a cane head. Lately however, the Young Falcon has managed to recover fully from all his injuries.

General Information

Born: 2E 565, the 23st of Last Seed.
Homeland: Stormpeaks, Everglade, Glenumbra, High Rock
Race: Breton
Culture: Breton
Relationship status: Betrothed to Lady Odile Hamelyn
Liege Lord: Count Osmund Whitewolf
Current Occupation: Commander of a knightly unit, Knight to Calais Court and Falconshield diplomat.
Current Home(s): Calaine, Calaine Hundred, Skykiss Keep, Skykiss Hundred.

Notable Family

Lord Geralt Falconshield; Father
Lady Elena Falconshield; Mother
Maid Elena Falconshield; Younger Sister

Known for

- Being made a squire for Count Osmund Whitewolf.
- Fighting among the Covenant forces In Wrothgar during the campaign oft regarded as the “Endless Winter.” Commanding in several occasions.
- Slaying a Briar-heart Forsttrol, as large as a Pinetree.
- Wielding the sword Brair’s Bane
- Being made a knight.
- Being the author of “Fight like Falcon” sword fighting manual.
- Led a company of Knights into the warfront in Cyrodiil.
- Participated in the Goodbridge Rebellion and leading his men into battle.
- Won the Crun Krazak hosted by Clan Nazrog.
- Participated in a second warcampaign against the Dominion in Cyrodiil.
- Won the jousting tournament during the annual Goodbridge festival.


CD: 14
HP: 15
MP: 0

Agility: 4 -3 on each roll
Animal Handling: 3
Athletics: 3
Awareness: 4
Trade: 3
Diplomacy: 4
Endurance: 6 heavy armour
Healing: 1
Knowledge: 4
Marksmanship: 1
Magicka: 1 -5 to results
Melee: 6
Stewardship: 3
Stealth: 1
Survival: 1
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 4
Will: 4



In his youth, Redmond grew up in Skykiss Keep. Not allowed to venture beyond the keep itself. Instead, would spend his spare time observing the view and fantasize about his leave from the keep one day. Duel with fierce opponents, save pretty princesses from towers guarded by Dragons, hear songs that were written in his honor around the taverns of High-Rock and have soldiers shout his name after a glorious victory.

When Redmond wasn’t fantasizing about his life beyond the castle, he would follow the lessons what an heir to a great keep usually needs to follow. Riding, hunting, history, topography, strategies, etc. Though in particular, the art of swordsmanship. Which House Falconshield holds in high regard. Like his ancestors before him, Redmond showed great talent and by the age of fourteen, was able to beat his instructor with only three cuts and five parries. Thus Redmond moved on to train with his father and further develop his martial prowess by creating techniques and moves of his own.


When Redmond came of age, he visited all the forts, villages and cities within the Stormpeaks. Explored the land that he had never seen. Yet still, it wasn’t enough. Redmond wanted more. To go beyond the borders of the Stormpeaks. That chance eventually came, with the summon of Redmond to the Blackford. To squire for the Count Osmund Whitewolf himself. “Finally an oppertunity to test myself! To put my training into action!”

During the Endless Winter warcampaign in Wrothgar against foul Reachmen. Redmond was able to ultimatly test his combat skills, esspecially during the siege against Clan Nazrog. When he defend the eastern gate against a foe that was beyond him, a Briar-Heart Frosttroll as large a Pinetree. With the help of the other brave souls in that battle, Redmond managed to finish off the beast by ripping out it’s heart. His liege and Knight that he squired for, Count Osmund Whitewolf, Knighted him the day after for portraying true valour in battle. Even though Redmond didn’t compelete his one year quest of his eight chivilaric virtues.

The Knight

During many court sessions Redmond managed to train his diplomatic skill at the high table. This training eventually resulted in him being to close an alliance with House Woodborne for the first time in Everglade history. Managing to secure a piece of land within the Greenwood Valley and the approval of the Everglade Council to build a manor on the spot. Naming the keep Windshire Hold.

After the events of the White Knight’s Trial, the count Everglade was not only forced to instruct a council, which included a regent position, that Redmond through diplomatic means created for the eventual regency election that was won by Lady Gwynara Ridefort. The count Everglade was also forced to contribute a warcampaign for Cyrodiil, to which the count instructed Redmond to lead a company of knights hailing from different houses of the county for that contribution. Luckily all Knights returned home after the warcampaign, some more injured than the other. Redmond according to many, had grown cold in his behaviour. As whatever happened in Cyrodiil clearly left a mark on his mental health.

During the Goodbridge Rebellion, Redmond led a company of 52 soldiers into the siege against the upstanding city. With the other combined forces of the Everglade, victory was achieved within two days.

Not long after the Goodbridge Rebellion, his liege Count Osmund Whitewolf called House Falconshield to arms, to fight in another warcampaign against the Dominion within Cyrodiil. Redmond was to lead his own Falconshield men during the march, but was given a Knightly unit to command during The Battle for Argent Bridge. In which he fought valiantly and skilfully, yet was gravely wounded at the end. In the aftermath of the battlefield Redmond went missing. Some weeks later, he returned to Calaine as a half crippled man due to his wounds that he suffered during the battle. Luckely for the Young Falcon, he managed to recover fully. With it, he declared his last and final pillar of chivalry and thus managed to complete his one year quest put up by his liege.

Some time after his return from Cyrodiil, Redmond received the news he’s become part of an arranged marriage between his house and House Hamelyn. Marrying the lady Odile Hamelyn, cousin to Sir Leoric Hamelyn the Bee Knight.

After peace shortly returned to Everglade, the annual festival of Goodbridge, which was forced to cancel last year due to the rebellion, was once more revived in name of tradition. With it, came a jousting tournament commenced with participants from across the county and beyond, including some of the best jousters around the land had to offer. With an injury, skill and a noble goal, Redmond managed to become the champion of the tournament. Unhorsing every one of his opponents.

Lately, Redmond’s mind seemed to be focused on stopping a threat called ‘Modremoth’. Which as it turned out to be the challenge.

Sir Redmond Falconshield

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