Sir Ardeghon Dalgren

A knight and bowyer, court guest and friend of Tylan and Esmond.


Ardeghon’s a cheery fellow, nearly always in a good mood, one for wine, jokes, and quips. He doesn’t do well sitting still for long and finds ways to amuse himself in settings he doesn’t feel comfortable in. His childhood was quite uneventful, receiving basic education and learning to be proficient in combat from his father, both with a sword and bow.

Ardeghon looks his age, twenty-four, with all the youthful features that come with it. Not particularly tall, nor short. Not particularly broad, nor scrawny. He is agile and quick on his feet. He has shoulder-length dark hair, sometimes tied up in a tail but often just hanging loose behind his ears or falling around his face, which bears a light stubble.


Born: 2E 561, 9th of Second Seed, Marukh’s Day, under the Shadow
Son number: 0
Homeland: Daggerfall, High Rock
Race: Breton
Culture: Breton
Liege Lord: None
Current Occupation: Bowyer/fletcher and hedge knight
Current Home: His house and shop in Wayrest

Notable Family:
Father: Gavilar Dalgren
Mother: Adolin Dalgren
Older Brother: Dalinar Dalgren

Known for

- Two-time winner of the Battle Bards Seasonal Tournament.
- Fought against the Reachmen in Bangkorai
- Fought at the battle of Jotrun River


STR: 11
DEX: 13
CON: 11
INT: 11
WIS: 9
CHA: 12
AWA: 11

CR: Journeyman (23)
HP: 15 (2)
MP: 1 Spell (13)
Sa: Steady and operational (8)
We: Mansions and Guilds (12)

Sir Ardeghon Dalgren

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