Sir Tylan Renthorn

An unlikely knight - Landed in Everglade


Tylan was thrust from a skinny little boy to a man as soon as his master took him on at twelve and started feeding him right. At a glance he would be broad for a Breton, if it was not for the lifestyle he chose there is no doubt he would grow fat, with large powerful shoulders and thick arms he was definitely large for a Breton, at 27 years old he is at his physical prime.

His light brown hair falls to his neck and slightly beyond and looks in need of a brush far too often for a knight of his station, his jaw is usually adorned by a rough stubble but he does grow his beard whenever on the road. He nearly always has the smile of a dumb man, simple and warm.


Born: 2E 258
Son number: 1
Homeland: Shornhelm, Rivenspire, High Rock
Race: Breton
Culture: Rivenspire, Low-born background
Liege Lord: Count Osmund Whitewolf
Current Occupation: Landed Knight of Cragwatch
Current Home: Cragwatch

Notable Family:
Lady Jesaphora Renthorn; Wife
Jacques Renthorn; Father (Deceased)
Lady Karly Renthorn; Mother
Edmar Renthorn; Younger Brother
Maid Violetta Renthorn; Sister (Deceased)

Known for

- Winning the first Battle-Bards tournament.
- Fighting for the Covenant in the years 2E 279-282, being knighted in the campaigns.
- Fighting in the war against the Reachmen in Bagkorai, killing 4 men in one battle.
- Falling in battle at Jotrun River.
- Being the sole survivor of a Pact short-volley at the copper road thanks to a dying tree, taking it as his standard.
- Fighting among the covenant forces In Wrothgar during the campaign oft regarded as the “Endless Winter.” Commanding in several occasions.
– Being the Lord of Cragwatch, Goodbridge and the surrounding lands.

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Sir Tylan Renthorn

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