Master Thomas Westerly

Ward of Sir Tylan, Rightful Lord of Westbrook


Young Thomas is tall and well built for his age, but is visibly a young man still, at 14 years old, with copper hair and light brown eyes.


Thomas Westerly is the second born child of Dame Carssa Westerly, the Lady of Westbrook.

Thomas was forced into hiding by his older sister, when chaos broke out in Westbrook castle during a feast, Thomas was found by Knight-Sheriff Tylan Renthorn and his house mage, Perric Alasaer days after the attack, and taken back to Cragwatch, where he put on his bravest face for his mother and sisters funeral.

Thomas Westerly remains at Cragwatch as a ward to House Renthorn, with a steward ruling in his name in Westbrook.

Master Thomas Westerly

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