Brair's Bane

Briar’s Bane is the castle forged steel sword, which was first wielded and named by Redmond Falconshield



Sword kind: Hand-a-half
Current holder: Redmond Falconshield
Origin: Skykiss Keep


A hand a half sword, the steel from the blade clearly express the quality of castle forged steel. Heat tread and tempered. With painted black cow leather covering the hilt and scabbard. The words: ’Briar’s Bane’ are visiable on the top of scabbard.


The sword received its name during the ‘Endless Winter’ warcampaign in Wrothgar against the Reachmen. It was when Redmond Falconshield was still a squire, managed to defeat a significant amount of Briar-Heart Reachmen.

When Redmond Falconshield defeated a Briar-Heart Frosttrol as large a pine tree, he named the sword ’Briar’s Bane’. For the sword cut down not only every Briar-Heart it came across, but also killed the stronged of their kind.

Brair's Bane

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