Cragwatch is an inhospitable few acres that sits between two jagged mountains. The single dirt road that runs through the region is vital, without it a traveller would be forced to overcome not just the rough cliff passes but treacherous mires that are prone to flooding. Moving an army through the Crag is simply not an option unless you have weeks to spare.

As you reach the centre of the crag the land becomes more level, small farms can be found now and then, run by suspicious and rough looking families. None of the farms ever seem very prosperous, in fact the only source of industry and commerce in the region at all is the odd cart carrying cut stone from the single quarry in the area, which employees the vast majority of men in the Crag.

The people of Cragwatch are simple and suspicious, they enjoy coin and are welcoming to most humans who will spare a drake or two, they are indifferent to their new Knight, Sir Tylan Renthorn

Cragwatch Keep itself, sits at the top on a long path and is a small stone keep built into the cliffs it overlooks a rough valley that holds a small village with a single trader and a tap house which can barely call itself an Inn.

Population; roughly 200 souls, about 70 men over the age of 14 Scribes note; last count in 2E 284
Land Owner Sir Tylan Renthorn
County Everglade



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