Everglade City


It was said to be a legendary city that could rival current Wayrest. Almost as large as the White Gold city with high buildings and countless homes. “Everglade castle” located within the center of the city, has been said to have hosted nineteen hearthfires within it’s main hall, towers reaching into the sky kissing the clouds and a courtroom that could host all the lords of ladies of High-Rock.

Construction was always conducting, as the city just kept expanding further and further from it’s most recent standing walls. However the city was not build by hired workers with a fair pay, but on the back of slaves whom the Left-Handed Elven masters had enslaved. A method used by the Elven masters so that the city would express might from the Elven masters and invoke fear into the hearts of slaves who would dare oppose them.

The Doom

However due to mysterious reasons, the city vanished from face of Tamriel. Leaving nothing but a ruin of what it once was. None really know what the exact cause of this sudden shift in history. Scholars who have studied this ‘doom’ have made several theories of what happend and why.
Some suggest that it was caused by a literal shift in time. High scholars of Mysticism have made several theories about so called ‘time wounds’, which are missing pieces within a timeline. Rendering certain events with a slight- or completely different outcome.
Ofcourse it’s not unwise to think that rebellious slaves were the cause. That they used powerful magic they secretly learned from their Elven masters to wipe the city from the province’s surface.
Another more logical theory suggests that because of a fatal logistics problem, the city sunk within the ground beneath it. Transforming it for the most part into an underground city ruin.

Present Day

The culture, residents and knowledge that was located within Everglade city was lost. The ruins of this once mighty city are still visable when traveling deep within Mercoire Forest, where the city was first located. According to legend, when Nedes shattered their bonds from their Elven Masters and were free to rule High-Rock and call it home. The mighty Wyrd Tree smiled upon the land and with it raised many trees and wildlife around the ruins of the Everglade City. Thus creating a forest that would later be known as Mercoire Forest.


Everglade City

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