Castle Freyguard is an old castle located within the Stormpeaks. Whilst the castle remained unoccupied for a long time and thus had fallen into a rather sorry state, the poor folk would often seek shelter from the ruthless storms that quell the region.



Current holders: The Silver Order
Lord: Sir Celebrin Silvermoon


Castle Freyguard was originally build by house Cambolten to better secure the trading route towards the city of Crossriver. However shortly after its construction, the castle was too large and thus proved to expensive to maintain. Thus, the castle had only seen glory for a mere two years.

In the 2E 585, House Falconshield had invited The Silver Order to operate their guild in their lands. The guild was granted castle Freguard, as well with the task to reconstruct the castle to it’s former glory and guard the trade route to Crossriver from bandits, thieves etc. In exchange, the guild was allowed to occupy the caslte, practice their guild acitivities and ask the people for a toll to pass over the trading route.


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