The Battle of Colinsglade

18th, Evening Star, 2E 583

Outcome: Decisive Victory
Commander: Lord Gamwick Weyland-Gaine
Opponent: Tharnite Empire, Tribune Carlius Sevelious
Location: Chorrol Forrest, Cyrodiil
Battle size: Small

On the eve of the 18th of Evening Star, 2E583 an incursing imperial force of two hundred men attempted to cross the Covenant borders and met Knight-Banneret Lord Gamwick Weyland-Gaine’s forces in battle at Colinsglade. The Covenant forces consisted of the Knight-Banneret’s own forces of Weymont, the forces of the Baron Winceworth and the Knight’s Mentor of Daenia.

The Covenant forces won the battle, defeating the imperial force while they suffered few losses on the field, though among the wounded were Lord Gamwick and Dame Miranya, but it was Sir Osmund who carried the worst of the wounds and had to be carried off the field unconscious.

The imperial forces suffered many losses in their defeat, but Sir Dunastyr Ashton inflicted the worst of it. He defeated many of the Empire’s best soldiers as well as besting the commander in single combat, capturing and taking him into the custody of the Knight’s Mentor.

The rest of the surviving veteran legionnaires thrusted themselves upon their blades to avoid capture, the serfs fled the field while the Southern and Nibanean cavalrymen were captured and brought to High Rock by the Knight-Banneret’s men.

The Battle of Colinsglade

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