The Silver Order

Order_Logo.pngThe Silver Order

A secret knightly order and society of battlemages founded after the Sack of Skywatch to first and foremost prevent any further attacks on the Summerset Isles. However, in later years it developed into a monasteric knightly order focused on protecting the people of Tamriel, especially from dark magic and daedra incursions.


In the year 1E 1302, a year after the Sack of Skywatch, a group of altmer scholars, mages and warriors recovered an ancient storage of scrolls and books detailing the creation of an order of knights, charged to protect Tamriel. These altmer used this knowledge to found an order with a goal to protect the Summerset Isles.
In the year 1E 1489, a small daedra incursion from Mehrunes Dagon in Valenwood sparked the first foreign mission of the Order. And with great success. This victory beckoned a new age for the Order, in which the safety of Tamriel was their first priority.

In 1E 2101, almost eight hundred years after it’s founding, they introduced knighthood and nobility. Now the criteria to join were changed so that only nobles had the right to join, and these nobles then became knighted at their graduation.

It was now known as The Silver Order, as it now had been named after the knights uniform. Black leather and cloth with silver-colored metal armor.

Four hundred years later, in 1E 2514, further study of the races of Tamriel inspired the Order to swear away all material posession, but their armor, weapon and casual garment, in order to focus on self improvement and helping people. This earned them much respect from most races all around, yet their own kin became more and more displeased with the direction of this order.
Formerly lead by priests and the most skilled mage, popularly called “Archmage”, the new hierarchy also turned them into a military order with focus on discipline and martial prowess. now lead by a Lord Commander.

At the verge of the First Era, in 1E 2996, the Silvermoon family had made a strong impression within the Order and Vaenil Silvermoon became the first female, and the first Silvermoon to become Lord Commander of the Order of Silver Knights.
Five millenia later, in 2E 49, Celadrin Silvermoon, only at an age of 28, became the youngest ever Knight-Lieutenant.

In 2E 134 a rogue group of altmer, bosmer and khajiit began attacking and terrorizing Valenwood and Elsweyr. The Order was tasked with handling these. And it proved to be a difficult task, as the rebels were skilled in guerilla combat, and determined to reach their goal, to destabilize the bosmeri and khajiit lands so that they could create a united Valenwood and Elsweyr, thereafter annexing the Summerset Isles. Thus enveloping southern Tamriel in a veil of tyranny from their leader, a former Silver Knight, excommunicated for his treacherous actions against the altmer and the Order. They were defeated in 2E 199.

However, two centuries later, in 2E 384, the group re-emerged, lead by the same altmer, resurrected as a powerful lich and dark lord. However this time they lay dormant, preparing for the next war against the Order.
And in 2E 407 they attacked an Order outpost in Valenwood and Stonefalls, thus starting the second war between the Order and the rebels.

In 2E 520, the war had ravaged for over a century, proving to be a costly war for both sides, the Order launched an assault at an ayleid ruin held by the rebels. Lead by Lord Commander Elara Alvarion. The attack was a great success and lead to further advancements for the Order during this war.

Yet in 2E 545, fifteen years later, Knight-Lieutenant Sir Celebrin Silvermoon and three other knights were sent to Morrowind to train up a militia to fight these rebels. The gathering of recruits and training went successful, yet their outpost were attacked and overrun by the rebels, having raised a force of daedra at their side. The only survivor were Celebrin, who reported this back to Lord Commander Elara Alvarion.
Angered by this loss of knights, Elaria launched a counter-offensive.
Two years later, in 2E 547, their assault was ready. They had located the main hideout of the rebels, deep in the Valenwood forest. Elaria called upon every knight, and with the biggest ever force the Order had ever assembled, a force of 120 knights, marched upon the bosmeri ruins, the heart of the rebels.
The vanguard, lead by Elara, charged on with 116 of the knights. The three remaining were sent behind enemy lines to outflank them and hopefully defeat the lich before he summoned reinforcements or killed off all the knights with his powerful magic.

This task force was lead by Sir Celebrin Silvermoon. It is speculated that he was chosen because of his close standing to the Lord Commander. There were even rumours of them being lovers at the time.
However, the small group managed to reach the Lich, where he challenged each one of them to a melee duel. Celebrin’s companion knights charged at him, and one after one they fell dead. Celebrin accepted his challenge, and through a long and exhausting duel, Celebrin managed to defeat the Lich, but at great cost. For four months he were recovering in Fort Whitewall’s infirmary.

In 2E 580, at the start of the Alliance Wars, the Order pledged themselves to the Aldmeri Dominion. Sir Celebrin Silvermoon was given command of the Eight Infantry Battalion and waged war in Cyrodiil. However, he was charged of treason and apprehended in 2E 583, but escaped to Stormhaven and the Daggerfall Covenant for a year. Then he returned to Reaper’s March in Dominion lands where he served a group called The Heralds of Agea until he met his future wife. Freyarin.

Celebrin’s former comrade in arms and best friend, Aldurion Bladestride kidnapped his wife, where Celebrin followed and killed him. Effectively disbanding the Silver Order, seeing as he was Lord Commander. Yet it was also uncovered that he had been influenced by daedra, and thus the entire Order was to be hunted down. Celebrin was pardoned by the Dominion in exchange of leading the new Order and hunt the remains of the old Order down. He did so for a few months until he realized he could not lead the Order as he liked, as a neutral organization, in Dominion lands, and left. A few months later he re-emerged in High Rock under the service of Lady Ygrenna Vanderlane. He met an old Order member by the name of Eldar, whom he tasked with returning the remaining knights of the inactive Order to High Rock. And that is the current date.

The Silver Flame

The Silver Flame is the official symbol of the Order, and represents them as a whole.
The black background symbolizes the dark magic and forces that the Order is protecting Tamriel against. The yellow flame behind the silver flame represents the passion, determination and prowess that every Silver Knight shall posess. And they are the first line of defence against the dark magic (the background). The silver flame in the front represents The Silver Flame, a cleansing force and the last bastion against the dark forces.

The Silver Order

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