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The Everglade is a county that is located in Northern Glenumbra. With lush and deep forests, endless grassfields and wintertop moutains. Since recorded history, the Everglade has been split up into four regions. Dragon’s Ridge , Evergreen Meadows , Greenwood Valley and the Stormpeaks .


Like all regions within the province of High Rock , the Everglade was devided most of the times due to political disputes between the noble houses that rule the county.

As the history of Tamriel teaches us, before the Bretonic kingdoms came to rule the province. It was first ruled by the Elven masters. Whom enslaved the the Nedes and their own people.

When the Elven masters ruled the province of High Rock , the region of the Everglade was ruled from the seat of Everglade City . For the county is named after this once mighty city.

Eventually when the Alyeids lost their rule over the province, the Bretonic kingdoms formed. The first kingdom to enstablish themselves within the Everglade, was House Mountmen . Later on houses such as House Galiantris and House Woodborne also made their claim within the county. Other houses were given standfast keeps such as House Whitewolf .

At one unrecorded moment in history. The three houses: House Mountmen , House Galiantris and House Woodborne were under the rule of a great house of unkown origin or name.

Throughout history noble houses came and go. House Mountmen’s throne was taken over by House Falconshield . House Woodborne almost reached extinction and lost their ancestrial throne to House Trefall. Yet later on regained it when House Trefall reached extinction.

Since the forming of the Daggerfall Covenant in the 2E 583, the county was partually ruled by Gedris Vetarnik. Whom was engaged to lady Uhlynn Whitewolf , but due to unfortunat events, spawned a bloody civil war that left the Everglade devided.

Recent history

A major event known as the Whitewolf Rebellion left the Everglade in a time of war with two major parties both fighting for the throne of Everglade. Yet eventually ended when the rebelling forces winning the war. Crowning Sir Osmund Whitewolf as the new count Everglade.

Lord Trefall was murdered by assassins sent in the night. And left his land without a heir. So the next one in line to inherit was Lord Aeron Woodborne. A family that had owned the land before Lord Trefall, but had vanished until recent events.


Dragon’s Ridge
Evergreen Meadows
Greenwood Valley


Castle Aesir
Castle Blackford
Castle Skykiss
Castle Taurthal
Chapel to Stendarr
Everglade City
Hunter’s Hall
Kyne’s Roost
Lion’s Tail
Riverpass manor
Vintners Rest
Windshire Hold


Lorraine Forest
Forest of Gwynedd
Mercoire Forest


Ankerchain Mountains
Greyteeth Mountains
Pointy Edge
Snowstorm Mountains
The Iron Range
Thunder’s Ankers


Emeralds Arms
Greater Gale
Lesser Gale
Mountains Waterroad
Paerest Stream
Poisend Brook
Ravaine Banks
Sapphire Stream
Sapphire’s Eye
The Steep Stallion
Violet’s Gale
Waters Hook


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