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Here you can find all the in-character information about anything, anywhere and anyone regarding the Everglade. Including rules that will help you create an immersive experience for the roleplay. These rules are always optional.

Character creation

The players are responsible for their characters and their noble house. They make the decisions presented to them in the story, and it’s about them that this shared story is told. Thus characters are special. They are your playing pieces and serve as your primary point of interaction with the imagined lands of Tamriel. Therefore your choice of character, your character’s attitudes, motivations, objectives, what he/she looks like, what he/she hates, what he/she loves and everything else that makes up a person are all factors on how you play the game. Some are mechanical choices, being matters of numbers and dice, whilst others are purely designed for roleplaying to help you portray your character in a way that interests you and works well with your fellow players. This chapter is your guide to assist you building and playing characters in Everglade.

Manorial system


Customs and Laws

There are few things that keep all the races unified as a people, even less that keeps them as such between the races. In this section there are mentioned some of the mindsets that many of the people have adopted and is considered what is right from would be wrong in various parts of High Rock.



Endless Winter
Whitewolf Rebellion
White Knight’s Trial
The Horker Hunt


Black Marsh
High Rock
Summerset Isles


Storm’s Order
The Children of the Grain
The Everglade Rangers
The Silver Order

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